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It's Time To Enter Your First Irish Dancing Feis

On entering the feis there is normally an entry fee for adults so make sure to take a few pounds with you. You can usually purchase a programme here too, which normally lists the competitors in each age group, their grades and the school they dance for.

You will now need to collect your child’s number, so ask someone around or the person on the door at the entrance where the registration desk is. Tell the people on the desk the name of your child and the school they dance for and they will provide you with your child’s number which should correspondence to that in the program if you buy one (if by any chance it doesn’t you can talk to the people at the registration desk and seek advice there).

Once you have your number you can ask which hall your child’s Irish dancing competition is in. Some gym’s may be split into two or three floors so find out which floor your child is dancing on and then find a seat.

Use the changing rooms provided and get your child ready to dance – DO NOT GET YOUR CHILD DRESSED IN THE HALL!

They need to be ready 30 minutes before so make sure they have a good stretch and warm-up and are dressed and ready to go in the appropriate Irish dancing costume for the competition they are taking part in.

When your child’s competition is called they should go up to the appropriate floor/stage and there will be a stage hand there to help line them up. Make sure they go up on time as they may not be allowed to dance if they miss there turn.

Once they have danced, there will be a point in which the results are called out. Try to record your child's’ results and the number of entrants in the competition and bring them with you to your next Irish dancing class.

Don’t be disheartened if your child doesn’t win a medal or trophy or come first in every dance they take part in. The adjudicators decision is final and its their personal choice who they like on the day. It is important you make your child feel like they’ve done a fantastic job as its a very nervous time for them and you don’t want to ruin their confidence for their next feis.

Irish Dancing Feis Rules

Its important that the following rules are observed at EVERY Irish dancing feis you or your child attends:

  1. No make-up to be worn by beginners and primary dancers, up to and including the U12 age group.
  2. No child is to get changed in the hall.
  3. No taking photographs or video footage while dancers are on stage (some organisers will be happy for you to take pictures of the children receiving their awards).
  4. Keep an eye on your children at all times and ensure noise levels are kept low in the hall.
  5. Keep the area around you clean and tidy.
  6. The use of hairspray/aerosols is not allowed in competition hall or canteen.